The key strength of YLC(Yukti) is its extremely knowledgeable and experienced faculty team which is comparable to the best in the field. YLC (Yukti)provides regular training to its faculty so that they are abreast of the latest teaching practices and methods to enrich themselves with the ultimate aim of providing unmatched training and guidance to IIT aspirants. We are the only institute to have an exclusive in-house faculty team of full-time IlTians. Our institute has the best faculty-to student ratio.

YLC (Yukti)offers a very professionally and systematically designed course structure for all its programs. The course structure is an optimal mix of intensive classroom lectures, problem solving classes, doubt clearing sessions, periodic tests and well designed course material. The courses are finished well in advance to allow adequate time for revision and mock tests. At the end of the completion of the course, whole syllabus is again revised on fast track basis which helps the students for the final preparation of the competitive exams.

A core team of IITians ensure that the study material provided to students is in-depth, exhaustive and updated. Study Material is designed in different levels that covers School’s syllabus, JEE mains , JEE Advance / Medical Entrance Exams which not only helps in gradually building concepts but also gives confidence to the students to crack the toughest problems of JEE / Medical Entrance Exams and secure good marks in School Examinations.

Each student’s progress through the course is regularly monitored. Each student will be given online login ID where he/she can access test results and time table. Parents can also see the test results of their wards.

In addition to the above, we also conduct regular counseling sessions with students which includes training for paper solving techniques, time management, optimization of efforts reducing study pressure.

Depending on the performance of the students in the classes, a Rankers’ batch of the top performing students is formed. This batch comprises of outstanding students from all our batches. The Rankers’ batch classes are in addition to the regular classes being conducted.

Y-SAT(Yukti students aptitude test.) is an exam conducted by YLC( Yukti) across the country every year. This Exam gives opportunity to the student to compete with other students at National Level.

Mentor System:
We have a unique mentor system where in each student is assigned a particular faculty member as mentor for counseling and feedback. The student is advised to keep in regular contact with his faculty advisor (mentor) for seeking guidance and help as and when required.

Library Facility:
Each of our offices is fully equipped with a comprehensive set of books and materials. The students can access a wide range of material for reference and additional practice.


Regular practice tests are conducted and proper feedback is provided to the students so that they can monitor their progress. Throughout the course there are various in-class short quizzes, objective tests, topic-wise tests and full portion tests. For every major test, the highest and average marks and the performance of the student including his rank and percentile across all the batches is intimated to the student.

Common Phase Tests across all centers so that students can get enough competition environment. Daily Practice Problems (DPP) work sheet: On each chapter students will be given chapter practice problems which they have to attempt as a Test at home. This helps students to have a very strong command over fundamental conceptual knowledge which is very crucial for getting top ranks, to get confidence in writing the exam & in time management. Each chapter have around 3-4 DPP’s each of 40 mins duration prepared according to latest pattern of JEE. Students can take these DPP’s as a Test.

YLC (Yukti)provides tricks and methods to solve tough questions in as little time as possible. Tips are also given to memorize and understand long and complex concepts.


Regular difficulty solving sessions are conducted to solve any difficulties/problems that the student faces during the course.


Pre – Foundation Courses:

For 8th, 9th and 10th class students which cover their school maths & science syllabus, NTSE and Olympiad’s syllabus.

Foundation Courses for JEE- Mains /Advance:
(a) 2 – year Integrated program for 11th students
(b) 1 – year program for 12th students
(c) 1 – year program for 12th pass students.

Foundation courses for Medical Entrance Examination:
(a) 2 – year Integrated program for 11th students
(b) 1 – year program for 12th students

Fast track batch for JEE Mains:
(a) 4 – months courses for 12th students from (November to February) and after Board Exam till JEE Mains

Crash course batch for JEE Mains / JEE Advance:
(a) 2 – weeks courses for 12th students after board exam till JEE Mains.

Repeater and Dropper Courses for JEE Mains / JEE Advance:
The Repeater/ Dropper Course program is specifically designed for the students, who have already appeared for the very first time in the engineering or medical entrance exams or the ones who did not appear in entrance exam along with class XII exams and wish to drop one year for exclusive preparation of entrance exam but could not get admission in the institutes of their choice as they didn’t score upto mark in the selection tests.

Test Series for JEE Mains / JEE Advance