Darshan Kapasi – AIR-18 (2009)  darshan kapasi air 18 2009It has been almost more than half a year since I have left your coaching class and have joined IIT Bombay in Computer Science & Engineering department. IIT Bombay is far better than the stories we were told and as I imagined it to be. I take this opportunity to thank YLC for giving me the guidance for helping me achieve my target. YLC was always there to support me and enhance my knowledge, in terms of extra hours, materials, practice tests and what not. The teachers from YLC are some of the best that I have come across, and it has been my privilege to have been taught by them. Well, to say the least, it would be really hard to find teachers like Amit Sir, Chirag Sir and Kamal Sir. Without Amit Sir’s graphs it would have been impossible to score almost full in maths in JEE. Physics, though not my strength, improved a lot as JEE neared under Kamal Sir’s guidance. Extra sums & reference books in chemistry as suggested by Chirag Sir certainly improved my level of understanding of the concepts, a lot. After all the doubt solving sessions, the teachers hadn’t left a single unanswered question in my mind. The teachers were always available for any possible help, be it study related or “how to study” related. As witnessed this year, the number of selections from YLC are increasing exponentially. YLC is a force to reckon with! Frankly speaking, if you are not in YLC , I don’t think you will perform up to your maximum potential. But, that’s just me. YLC didn’t dissappoint me, & I am sure it won’t disappoint you!

Rohan Das – AIR-42 (2011)  rohan das air 42 2011My 2 years of teaching at YLC was one of the best moments of my life. It was only under the able guidance of Amit Sir and Kamal Sir that I was able to achive AIR : 42 in IIT-JEE. Their method of teaching is very different from the conventional method of rote studying followed in school and is compared to one of the best in India. A focus is given so that the students get their basics in each chapter correct. Teachers here teach a variety of techniques and short – cuts to solve problems which initially would look so important but later I was surprised to see its wide range of applications (from time to time we were given variety of examples related to it) which were of very great help in JEE. Amit Sir had, in one of his counseling lectures, told that coaching institutes contribute only 5 – 10% in a child’s success. But in my case it was much much greater. I would really like students who want to do well in JEE and other competitive exams to join YLC and feel the difference yourself.

Vivek Patel- AIR-64 (2013) 
vivekI take this opportunity to thank YLC for giving me much required guidance and helping me achieve my potential. I am very grateful to Amit Sir, Kamal Sir and Chirag Sir who helped me to bring out the best in me. Amit Sir’s style of teaching, his graphical approaches and his regular mentoring tips made paper solving an easier task. His hard work is reflected from the results of YLC. Kamal Sir’s methods hepled visualized various situation in physics and helped me in saving time during the paper. Chirag Sir’s notes helped me a lot while preparing Chemistry for JEE. After innumerable Doubt Solving Sessions and revision lectures, there were no unanswered questions in my mind. Also the staff at YLC was very kind and helpful. Clearly, without the help of YLC, I could not have performed as I did.

Neel Shah – AIR-72 (2008) neel shah air 72 2008I came to know the true meaning of maths and the science. The faculty at Yukti rocks and I never felt that we were studying for the most difficult exam of the country. All the lectures were fun and we never got bored except for a few inorganic chem. lectures at the end. Maths lectures were always the best for me. Amit Dixit sir’s graphs gave a new life to the maths syllabus. Another great thing about YLC was it gathered people like me who were interested in things like maths which a majority of people outside considered boring and dull. I would also like to thank the faculty at YLC for increasing our IQ’s by a great level. I doubt if many of us could have cleared Olympiads or got such good rank without the immense help and guidance of Amit Dixit Sir, Chirag Sir and Kamal Sir. Their concepts are crystal clear and they made ours the same. I would sincerely like to thank all the teachers at YLC.

Abhishek L.- AIR-104 (2012) abhishek l. air 104 2012The team of teachers at YLC was completely dedicated to us and learning from them was an enjoyable experience. Amit sir’s regular monitoring tips were very useful for deciding the approach towards preparation for exam. Faculties of YLC created a very friendly & positive atmosphere for studies & helped as realize the importance of Physics, Chemistry & Maths. Various paper solving techniques and short ends to solve problems boosted my confidence to crack JEE. I am very grateful to the team of YLC who has been always there to support me & enhance my knowledge.

Vijay Seshasayee – AIR-198 (2008) vijayan seshasayee air 198 2008I am extremely thankful and more than grateful to the entire faculty and staff at YLC, for all the efforts they put in and energy they expended in teaching me and guiding me through the course material relevant to IIT-JEE, for willingly spending all the extra time (other than office hours) in an attempt to clear my doubts/concepts, for all the encouragement and support and for giving me a smooth and easy ride to my goal (to make it to an IIT!). Professors at YLC not only possess immense knowledge, profound understanding of their respective subjects and superior teaching abilities, but they also put in the most sincere efforts and devotion in teaching the subject and most willingly help those in need, to the best of their abilities. YLC provided me with the best of guidance (in the form of course instruction and relevant counseling), study material and adequate practice (in the form of books, variety of sample test papers, assignment problem sheets and mock tests). Also did they create, a friendly, positive yet competitive atmosphere for academics and helped me appreciate and realize the worth of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (and focus my mind’s blurry vision!!). I was offered a chance to interact with an extremely smart, competitive and amazingly brilliant group of students who selflessly helped me realize my shortcomings, assisted me with the same and stood by me as friends. Lastly, YLC made the two year IIT-JEE preparation period a whole lot more meaningful and enjoyable an experience. I owe my success at IIT-JEE 2008 to my family and friends, my intellect (negligible!) and hard work, to god and majorly‚ (nearly all of it!!) to YLC.

Vinay Iyer – AIR-203 (2011) vinay lyer air 203 2011When I joined YLC 2 years ago may aim was to clear the IIT – JEE get as good a rank as i could. It was a bit scary initially because people kept telling me how difficult it was to clear this particular examination and how it was one of the toughest examination in the country. But this did not make me lose hope. I kept moving forward and had the constant support of the teacher at YLC. Amit Sir’s innovative methods helped in improving my maths enabling me to score well. I wasn’t very good at physics but thanks to Kamal sir who strengthened my concepts I started enjoying studying physics. The reference book and study material suggested by Chirag Sir also helped me immensely. The teachers were always available to clear my doubts and were ready to go to the extra mile to make sure that my concepts were clear. I would also like to that my family for supporting me through this period. This coupled with consistent hard work, determination and the support of the teachers I was able to come out successfully.

Suchakra – AIR-245 (2012)

suchakra 245 2012Just perfect’ This is the word that describes YLC for those who strive to get into IIT. Now looking back, I realise that YLC has transformed me in a way that was almost impossible. I still remember hearing Amit Sir’s funda on the 1st day of 11th. Now I realise how each and everything he spoke was true. The impeccable well of knowledge possessed by the ‘best trio’ as I would say: Amit Sir, Kamal Sir and Chirag Sir is really astounding. They were with me all throughout the 2 years as mentors, friends, councellors and obviously teachers. The teaching style, undoubtedly the best, makes sure each and every concept stays in our mind. The way they inspire and motivate us during hard times is so simple yet so fruitful. Physics was my favourite subject and the way Kamal sir taught made it even better helping me to get awesome marks in physics in IIT. Maths was never my strenght, until I came under Amit Sir’s guidance. Chirag sir adds another dimension of ‘interest’ to chemistry the way he juggles with physical, organic and inorganic. The DPP’s, revision material and tests are more than what one could ask for. The competitive environment just helps one keep getting better. I still recall the thrill of seeing the ranklist, working more to be the best. YLC made the two most hardworking years, the best years of my life even moulding my character and time-management skills. Yes friends, that is what is YLC. It gives you more than what you can ask for. It brought out the best in me and I am sure it will do the same to you. Its a paradise for IIT preparation.

Neel Mehta – AIR-252 (2008)

neel mehta 252 2008My 2 years of studies were one of the best period of my time. I enjoyed the discussion we had with the teachers at Yukti as well as with friends of mine. The quality and level of teaching was really good. The faculty were always helpful in clearing the doubts. The number of lecture hours were adequate for a good preparation for the IIT-JEE. The guest faculty were also good and helped a lot in revising the topics. Overall YLC as an institute was good and had quite a large role to play in assisting me to reach at IIT-B with a good rank..

Pritesh Shah – AIR-261 (2012) pritesh shah 261 2012Before i started my coaching, i was in a dilemma of whether i should go to kota or remain here. Many suggested for kota, the power house of IIT, but i had my own plans. I joined YLC for my further studies. In no way do i regret my decision now. YLC is one of the best IIT institute in India. It gives personal attention to each student. Also here are friendly relations between the faculties and the students. Two year studies has been burden for many, but it has been fun for me. Kamal Sir is one of the best teachers i have met in my life. He has all the physics concepts very clear and takes us from level 0 to level JEE with an ease. Chirag Sir knows his subject well (but i don’t). But his question solving techniques and extra numericals in the class have helped greatly for my jee. Amit Sir has one of the unique approach of teaching. Dividing each topic in various sub-parts, relating multiple approaches for solving a single question, using graphs and various other approaches has helped me a lot in solving problems. Lastly, the staff of YLC is too lively and cheerful. I owe YLC a major part of my achievement(especially to Amit Sir).

Rishi Dua – AIR-386 (2010) rishi dua 386 2010As I move forward in my life at IIT Delhi, I remember the words of the great poet Wordsworth And, as I mounted up the hill, “The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more.” We are at the crossroads of our lives and we do not know in which direction life will take us. But I am sure of one aspect, the values and ideas that YLC has taught will remain with me throughout my life. Just as the poet does not forget the music of the reaper, I will never forget the institute, my second home. As I look back, I recall various small and big events of our class. Apart from gaining knowledge, I learnt a lot about study techniques, following the right algo, proper decision making and maintain your cool at the Joint Entrance Examination. The best thing about the faculties here is that they are successful in creating an inquisitive environment that brings out the burning desire within us to succeed. Kamal Sir, our physics faculty is seriously the best teacher ive ever seen in my life. Frankly no one can teach fundamentals better than Sir. Our chemistry faculty Chirag Sir is one of the best in his field coz he is the one who can teach all three branches of chemistry i.e. Physical, Organic and Inorganic Last but not the least, our maths faculty Amit Sir is the one who deserves the credit for managing a well designed system matched with original & inline study material. He rocks Excellent course material, experienced faculty and a committed management have built YLC into the most trusted institution in the area of preparing students for competitive entrance exams. On behalf of all the students of YLC Learning Centre I would like to thank all the Faculty and Staff members for working incredibly hard throughout the years in bringing the best out of us Thank you.

Valmik Patel – AIR-419 (2009) valmik patel 419 2009I am not so sure as where to start. I have received help from my parents and my friends in past two years. But YLC played the foremost part in my successful entry in to IIT. When I started here I always thought that I couldn’t compete with everybody else. But over the years all the teachers have instilled a sense of confidence in me. I would really like to thank them for that. And I bet you couldn’t get better teachers and better quality of education anywhere in Gujarat. Also the teachers are always ready to talk to you at anytime regarding anything and thats a great thing. I would really like to thank YLC for all that they have given me.

Kaushal Jain – AIR-436 (2009) kaushal jain 436 2009Learning at YLC, Baroda was truly a fantastic and fruitful experience. Inspite of less time available for me to complete the syllabus for JEE; i was comfortably able to crack it in the end… courtesy Amit sir, Kamal sir and Chirag sir. All the three faculties gave personal attention and solved almost all doubts in mind. Amit sir’s regular mentoring tips were quite useful for deciding the approach for preparing for the exam. Talking about the knowledge and the teaching skills of the three faculties; all three were IITians themselves so no need to mention about their knowledge. Amit sir’s truly fantastic graphical and step by step algorithmic approach in solving sums of maths gave a new paradigm to the problem solving strategies. Also the shortcuts used to solve the problems were quite helpful. Kamal sir was a person who I thought was the most knowledgeable and the best person to teach Physics. The in depth analysis, and going to the root of concepts is his speciality. Very complex, multi conceptual sums that he discussed in class really enhanced the concepts of Physics. Chirag sir is a person who believes practice makes one perfect. His regular stress on creating notes in class and at home was quite a useful strategy (if followed seriously). He also taught concepts in good detail and organic chemistry perfectly. Apart from lectures, the regular tests, mentoring sessions and doubt solving sessions conducted by YLC were quite helpful in cracking JEE. I therefore owe a considerable part of my success to Yukti. (especially Amit sir).Regards,

Visat Patel – AIR-454 (2011) visat patel 454 2011Being a yaktian was a great experience that I will always remember. YLC is a place where I get to learn from teacher who taught us being our friends. There was no facing of hesitation in asking doubts. I always wonder what I would have been if I had not been in YLC. I will always be thankful to YLC for whatever I have achieved..


Aneesh Saxena – AIR-548 (2007) aneesh saxena 548 2007YLC, Baroda is possibly one of the best JEE training institute in the country. I have met several II Tians and have heard about quite a few per JEE struggles. I personally never felt such a pressure about the JEE and YLC was primarily responsible for the creation of such an environment. The faculty and support staff are extremely dedicated and never failed to provide assistance in any form at any juncture during the JEE preparation period. Their methodology creates a unique scenario wherein a accomplishes a great deal in a stipulated time period without really feeling burdened. Kudos to the YLC staff for doing a great job.

Devansh Samant – AIR-922 (2011) devansh samant 922 2011It’s been four years since I first took classes with YLC, and these four years have been so instrumental in moulding my future, that this testimony barely begins to do justice to my gratitude. I walked into my first class in ninth, with nothing but a faint echo somewhere in my head that said, “IIT is a great college.” From that point on, YLC took over. In ninth and tenth we were given a thorough grounding in Science and Mathematics. The syllabus taught was not restricted to our textbook and gave us a trailer of what was to come in the hallowed years of 11th and 12th. Then, roughly two years ago, I was sitting in a class being counselled by a teacher. Little did I know how instrumental that teacher, Amit Sir, would become in helping me somehow get through JEE. Now everyone knows the technical strength of the YLC teacher (If you don’t know, take it from me – they’re all AMAZING). What I want to emphasize in my writing is how they help you ‘crack’ JEE. To crack an exam like that, is tough. It requires you to fill a majority of your brain with thoughts of just it for two years or so. In this long arduous journey, the YLC faculty is always there. And I mean always. Be it for a Doubt Solving Session, or counselling, the faculty was always up to the job. That, is the kind of perseverance one needs to make it into an IIT. The best part is all of my +2 teachers had it -Amit Sir, Kamal Sir and Chirag Sir. They were sometimes more committed to getting me into IIT than I myself was Long story short, go for IIT, go for YLC. (and vice-versa)

Tanmay Modulkar – AIR-2758 (2008) tanmay modulkar 2758 2008The course I took at YLC was indeed an enriching experience. The team of teacher was quite dedicated to us, and learning from them was an enjoyable experience. Kamal Sir made physics come alive. Amit Dixit Sir had graphs to explain away the most impossible problems, and Chirag Sir made chemistry appear interesting. I really owe a lot to YLC. In retrospect, I can only wish that I had spent more time at this temple of learning..

Shivani Patel – AIR-3687 (2010) shivani patelAlmost a year spent at IIT-Madras has not, in any way, lessened my fondness for the institute that helped me achieve my dream of getting into an IIT. Quoting an author: “The road to success is a stony road. There never has been a smooth road to success. The people who succeed are the people who make stepping stones out of stumbling stones”. It was YLC that taught me how to turn stumbling stones into stepping ones. The YLC faculty is probably the best in Gujarat. You would be hard-pressed to find teachers like Amit sir, Sanjay sir and Kamal sir who are not only well-versed with their respective subjects, but are also excellent at conveying their ideas and concepts to the students convincingly. The teachers were always there to provide a push in the right direction whenever required. Apart from their relentless and excellent guidance, YLC provided us with numerous tools to hone our skills, which included the more-than-adequate study material, regular evaluative tests, a well-stocked library and what not. All in all, studying at YLC made the two years of JEE preparation much less arduous and certainly more enjoyable and fruitful than they would otherwise have been.